Heading home

All up. Bags packed. Bedroom sweeps revealed furry hedgehog under bed, wallet in duvet, top trumps in the bathroom!  Apologies in advance if we missed something. Cases may also not be quite as well packed this time. Now on the motorway and moving slowly towards the airport. The traffic here is so heavy. Pleased to be heading back to the delights of leafy Cheltenham. Layclerks playing I spy! See you all soon. 

The final concert

After our delicious lunch, we headed back to the cathedral for a final rehearsal. The concert went very well with a final solo from departing chorister, Sebastian.  A hugely appreciative audience and once again it was lovely to see familiar faces. Thank you for all your support. 

Our first concert

Heading home now after a very successful day in the beautiful city of Moissac. After some tasty pizzas we headed off for a short walk by the Tarn before preparing for our concert in the stunning abbey. An audience of close to 200 were very appreciative and it was lovely to be supported by Mums and Dads too. Ice creams all round.